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7 Useful Tips for Rat and Rodent Control in Wantirna

7 Useful Tips for Rat and Rodent Control in Wantirna

Rodents are nocturnal creatures, and they prefer dark and moist areas on your property. Whether it is residential or commercial space, rodent attacks can be a threat to family members, employees or guests, so you need effective services for Rodent Control Wantirna. You must consult with an expert for effective rodent treatment. It is difficult to control rodent activities in residential or business premises, but you can follow the suggestions to prevent such attacks.

Golden Rule: Being Proactive is the Best Solution

We have seen many homemakers neglect rodent infestations at an early stage and call us when it becomes a severe issue. Do not neglect minor rat infestations because they not only spread diseases but also damage the structure of your properties and personal belongings. Do not put your family members at such risk! Being proactive is the golden rule against pest activities. You can apply regular home remedies for minor infestations, but if you cannot control it with regular pesticides, consult with us for advanced pest control treatment for a long-lasting outcome.

1. Seal All the Cracks and Crevices

The task sounds easy, but it is the most difficult and time-consuming task because you need to spend a few hours on a weekly basis to find these cracks and holes and seal them properly to avoid rodent attacks. Instead of investing your time, you can hire an expert for such a task who offers better services with their advanced tools and products.

2. Clean Your Garden and Lawn

Trim all the trees and plants and rearrange timbers near the windows and doors to avoid such issues because rodents often find it easier to invade your premises through trees and timbers. Besides that, plants, timbers and garbage around the yard also allow them to hide in the darkness. It is also dangerous for your pets and kids!

3. Remove Outdoor Food Sources

Fruit trees and vegetables attract rodents and other pests to your premises. If you have a garden, use organic pesticides around your properties to prevent such attacks. You can also install rat guards on your trees and keep them free from rotten fruits.

4. Take Predators’ Help for Rat Control Wantirna

Many experts suggest using predators’ urine (such as foxes or cats) to discourage rats from coming back into your garden. However, you need to conduct the step carefully, especially if you have pets who have access to the area. Do you want more interesting pest control strategies? Call us for a pest inspection. One of our teams will reach your location, assess the condition and offer personalised suggestions for pest control needs.

5. Build Barriers for Rodents

A simple 4-foot-wide barrier of cement or rocks is enough to discourage rodents and possums. It makes the process difficult for them to enter or escape from your property, so they will not invade the property. Instead, they will find safer options somewhere else.

6. Clean Bathroom and Kitchen

Rodents are always searching for food and shelter. They prefer dark, moist areas in your bathroom and kitchen if they find holes and cracks in entering such areas. That is why you need to maintain cleanliness inside your property and ask other employees and guests to follow all the rules. Besides that, you can schedule regular pest inspections and maintenance to keep rodents and other pests away from your residential or commercial areas.

7. Use Natural Herbs and Traps

You can use some of the natural herbs and products such as onion, castor oil, bay leaf and pepper to avoid such issues because the smells irritate rodents, and they escape from the area quickly. Besides that, human-made traps, natural traps, sticky traps and baits are also suitable for such purposes. You can consult with an expert to learn more about Rodent Control Wantirna.

Call Us for Same Day Pest Control Wantirna

Rodents multiply in number quickly and spread diseases. Are you relying on regular home remedies? They often grow immunity against home remedies. If you cannot control the rodent issue, call us for pest management. Our rat control Wantirna experts at Same Day Pest Control Wantirna not only eliminate rodents but also offer personalised suggestions to prevent future pest issues. Besides rodent treatment, we also offer a wide range of pest services, such as possums, bedbugs, cockroaches, spiders, bees and wasps. If you need our guidance about pest management, please call us directly and consult with one of our experts.

Date: 20-01-2023