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Possum Control Wantirna

Have you seen possums roaming your roof? Possums are highly destructive pests and are a menace for the Australian population. They contaminate food and also feast on your pet’s food. They move through dirty areas such as drains and roofs and hence carry all sorts of disease-spreading germs. These pests can cause large-scale damage in all the properties that they infest. Moreover, they are a protected species in Australia. Hence, they need to be relocated elsewhere as killing them would be an offense. Hence opting for Possum Control Wantirna is the best way out.

Same Day Pest Control Wantirna offers reliable services to Australian home-owners for the safe removal of possums from properties. You just need to give us a call on 0340507125 for an appointment with our team who will be sent to your property at the earliest.


Below we have mentioned a few reasons why you should consider hiring professionals for Possum Control Wantirna:

Property Damage

Protect Your Property

Your floorings, walls, furniture and many other wooden belongings can be severely damaged by these possums, without you being aware of their existence. To keep your property safe and protected, make sure you hire experts for the job and let them inspect and treat possums!

Save Time

Save Time

Identifying possum-infested timber can be challenging and time-consuming. You cannot save your valuable time if you remain invested in trying DIY hacks for possum control. For quick and hassle-free possum control services consider relying on the specialists for the job!

Reduce Expenses

Reduce Expenses

Possums are destructive in nature and can do severe property damage. Homeowners can be forced to go for a replacement or repair service. Furthermore, attempting DIY possum control is an expensive idea. That is why availing Possum Control Wantirna services is highly recommended as it is effective and affordable!

Signs of Possum Infestation

possum control

Hissing, squealing and coughing sounds made by possums to communicate with each other are a sign of a possum infestation.

possum control

Trash bins that are always overturned or in disorder is also a strong sign of a possum's being around.

possum control

Loud throbbing sounds that they make while moving through the roofs or eaves are also a sign.

possum control

Dark-coloured cylindrical shaped stools

possum control

Chewed electrical wiring in the property.

Process of Possum Control Wantirna


Our Possum Control Wantirna team sent to your property carefully runs a check through all the possible sites in your property that are used by the possums. They look for all possible urine, droppings, movement and other important signs that may lead to the possum infestation.


In this step, the team locates the possum and removes it carefully from your property.


The client is briefed accordingly on the ways and techniques with which the possums can be kept away from the property in future. Prevention also includes installing barriers and sealing any possible entry-points.

Why Choose Us?

Same Day Pest Control Wantirna is a highly reputed pest control firm offering premium quality services at one-stop. Aside from our wide range of services, there are plenty of other reasons why you should hire us, and these are mentioned below:

  • Industry Experience: we have over a decade of experience in the pest control industry.
  • Certified professionals: all our pest controllers are highly qualified, well-trained, licensed and certified!
  • Eco-friendly approach: we use green chemicals and environmentally safe techniques for removing pests from your property.
  • Cutting-edge technology: using modern machines and devices pest activities are monitored and eliminated.
  • 24x7 availability:our team remain available 24x7 and 365 days a year!
Sameday Pest Control  And Repairs

Don’t let the critters damage your property, call us today at 0340507125 and get your bookings confirmed!

Same Day Pest Control Wantirna is the service provider to keep on speed dial for all your pest infestation issues. We are accessible on a 24*7 basis for our clients and hence would reach your property in no time. Get in touch with us if you have noticed possums on your property or have experienced any signs that suggest their presence on the property.